PRESENT Treasure Hunt 2021 Virtual Conference Pleases Nationwide Audience

About the Conference

The PRESENT Treasure Hunt 2021 Conference has a 40-year history of providing mostly practice management education and mentorship to the Los Angeles County Podiatric Medical Association, one of the largest county podiatric medical associations in the country. This year, PRESENT e-Learning Systems took it virtual and added a state-of-the-art CME program delivered by an elite nationwide faculty, resulting in attendance over 500, 60% of which was from outside California. Conference Co-Chairs Harold Schoenhaus, DPM, Robert Lee, DPM, and Gabe Halperin, DPM delivered a virtual education program that was uniformly praised by attendees. The post-event surveys show widespread satisfaction with the event, with 97% stating that they would attend future similar events. Even the Exhibit Hall experience, which is difficult to deliver virtually in a way that matches the appeal of an in-person event, was found by 70% of attendees to be as good or better than other conferences they have attended.

Dr Gabe Halperin was kind enough to make available to you two valuable handouts and his PowerPointâ„¢ presentations associated with his lectures. You can access these files at this LINK.

Conference Co-Chairs

Harold Schoenhaus, DPM

Harold Schoenhaus, DPM

Robert Lee, DPM

Robert Lee, DPM

Halperin, DPM

Gabriel Halperin, DPM

LACPMA Star Award Recipient

Beloved California podiatrist Joseph Hughes, DPM was given the coveted STAR award posthumously for his lifetime of devoted service to the profession that he loved by current president of LACPMA Ara Kelekian, DPM.

Star Award

LACPMA Star Award presenter Ara Kelekian, DPM.

Rumble Winners

Accepting the LACPMA Star Award is his wife Pam Hughes along with two of their four sons.

Engagement Contest Winners

Diane Branks
Bonnie Lin
Troy McArthur
Whitney Castle
Adam Long
Albert Kim
Shing Cheung Yuen
Neathie Patel
Richard Tu
Susanna Chan

Hetal Naik
Chih-Hui Tsai
Derek Slovak
Maggie (Mahkameh) Yousefpour
Virit Butani
Romesh Dhaduk
Rondrick Williamson
Jeremy Cook
Hyun Kang
Consuela Williams-Holliday

Jonathan Tavakoli
Cheryl Goldstein
Mark Willats
Lily Nguyen
David Yang
Bryce Rich
Albert Nejat
Ivelisse Vargas Jon
Emad Youssef
Dara Friter

Constance Ornelas
Benjamin Scherer
Linh Huynh
Damon Combs
Larissa Rolim
Ashka Trivedi
Roberto Araujo
Prema Hampapur
Sahar Mahzoon
Dhagash Patel

Join Us Next Year When the PRESENT Treasure Hunt Runs Virtually on February 5-6, 2022