Hands-On Rotating Workshops

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The Live In-Person PRESENT Treasure Hunt Conference 2024 returns to Los Angeles, California at the Hotel Indigo, February 24 - 25, 2024. The most unique part of the conference is the rotating interactive hands-on workshops. These workshops focus on advanced technologies that provide our attendees with hands-on practical experience and training on surgical procedures, advanced wound care, and new techniques in healing the lower extremity that you will bring back to your offices to begin using on Monday morning.

Attending the 2024 PRESENT Treasure Hunt Conference will provide access to the rotating workshop sessions taking place each day.

Below are the sponsors providing these workshops and the topics to be covered:

Saturday, February 24

PTH Wkshops
Evidence-Based Multi-Modality TWO2 Therapy for Sustained Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers
This session will review the growing body of RCT and Real-World Evidence supporting multimodality Topical Wound Oxygen (TWO2) in reducing Amputations and Hospitalizations for patients with nonhealing DFUs. A hands-on workshop will follow that will demonstrate how adjunctive TWO2 therapy is easily applied by the patient at home, improving access-to-care for all while advancing health equity.


PTH Wkshops
PowerStep: Dynamic Ankle Support Sock
Learn the background of how this innovative new ankle brace was developed. Discover the benefits of this new solution through a technical lens of the materials, design, and techniques used.
Luke Spoerlein


PTH Wkshops
The Impact and Diagnosis of Small Fiber Neuropathy
Bach Diagnostics is pleased to introduce ENFD testing, commonly known as small epidermal nerve fiber density testing. ENFD testing is a diagnostic procedure used to assess the health and function of small nerve fibers in the skin, responsible for transmitting sensations like pain and temperature. Dr Bach will review the features and benefits of ENFD testing.
Dylan Bach, MD, MBA


Sunday, February 25

PTH Wkshops
Molecular Pathogen Identification in Clinical Practice—Enhancing the Care of Your Patients
This workshop provides an introduction into the clinical practice of molecular testing and how it can be used to more effectively treat your patients with wounds and nail fungal infections.
Bill W. Massey, PhD


PTH Wkshops
Dermacyte® Liquid (investigational drug): A New Frontier in Healing Cutaneous Wounds with SQ Injection Therapy
This workshop will review the clinical use of Dermacyte Liquid (an investigational drug) in chronic VLU/DFU and presents clinical strategies for repairing complex wounds by incorporating SQ therapy with CTP/CAMP scaffolds.