Operation Footprint Alliance Partnership

PRESENT e-Learning Systems and Operation Footprint Form Affiliate Partnership for Education

PRESENT e-Learning Systems, the largest provider of education services to podiatrists, has formed an education alliance with Operation Footprint. This podiatrist-driven humanitarian organization provides highly specialized reconstructive surgery to underserved pediatric and adult communities globally. This new alliance seeks to share Operation Footprint’s educational expertise with the local and international orthopedic and podiatric community and those specialists who strive to enhance their understanding of foot and ankle mechanics.

For over 40 years, Operation Footprint, and its predecessor, The Baja Project for Crippled Children, have performed specialized reconstructive foot and ankle surgery in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and India. Conditions commonly treated include clubfoot, vertical talus, cerebral palsy-related deformity, and severe pes cavus, pes planus, and equinus. Surgical correction often requires a combination of osseous and adjunctive soft tissue balancing procedures. Operation Footprint’s surgeons have evaluated over 30,000 patients and performed over 3,000 significant reconstructions.

Operation Footprint’s mission is:

  • To provide free surgical foot and ankle care to indigent children worldwide affected by various inherited and acquired conditions such as clubfoot, lingering polio deformities, severe flatfoot, cerebral palsy, and others.
  • To train surgeons to manage and treat these complex deformities.
  • To enable patients, now freed from deformity stigma and limitations, to become integrated and productive members of society.
  • To inspire others that we have trained to continue our work and expand our vision.

The Directors of Operation Footprint are:

Marc Benard, DPM
Steven Schwartz, DPM
Bhavesh Shah, DPM
Matt Roberts, DPM
David Levitsky, DPM
Jeff Yung, DPM
Bruce Werber, DPM
Robert Aki, DPM
Herb Pierson

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