2024 PRESENT Treasure Hunt Returns to Los Angeles Live In-Person

About the Conference

The 2024 PRESENT Treasure Hunt Conference returned to Los Angeles this past weekend February 24-25, 2024 with podiatrists attending from several Western states including Hawaii! The annual Medicare and DME update lectures presented by Gabriel Halperin, DPM and Paul Kesselman, DPM, respectively, were a couple of the highlights of the combined scientific and practice management curriculum presented throughout the conference.

Select speakers from the 2024 PRESENT Treasure Hunt Conference have generously agreed to make their lecture slides available to download. You can access these files at this LINK.

Conference Co-Chairs

Harold Schoenhaus, DPM

Harold Schoenhaus, DPM

Robert Lee, DPM

Robert Lee, DPM

Halperin, DPM

Gabriel Halperin, DPM

LACPMA Star Award Recipient

The prestigious annual STAR Award was bestowed on Ara Kelekian, DPM, immediate past-president of LACPMA. Dr. Kelekian was instrumental in guiding one of the largest county associations over the past four years, particularly through the challenge of the global pandemic, and restore the association to a new height of excellence. Dr. Kelekian’s dedication, passion, and leadership have been an inspiration to us all.

Star Award

(L to R) LACPMA President Dr David A. Pougatsch, 2024 PRESENT Treasure Hunt Star Award recipient and Immediate Past President LACPMA Dr Ara Kelekian, Treasure Hunt Conference Co-Chairman Dr Robert Lee

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What Attendees are Saying

PRESENT and LACPMA still lead the country in Quality, the Experience at the meeting, and vendors positive comments.
Jack Morgan, DPM

Strong focus on practice management and new modalities to help enhance patient care and increase revenue.
Chih-Hui Tsai, DPM

I think the workshops were more valuable with real world information that transferable to our practices. Also, the exhibitors were outgoing and friendly and helpful.
Alfred Lawrence Glover, DPM

Coming from Chicago it was refreshing traveling to LA and meeting my colleagues that have not seen in years. Being at the conference allowed me to compare and contrast some treatment like infections.
Johnnie Lewis, DPM

I attended this conference because I wanted to go to one that focuses on the business of medicine in general. I appreciate the different mix of vendors. I plan to attend next year!
Jenny Yu, DPM

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